LCB-FLC in Business


LCB 101. Dollars and Sense/SL. 3 Hours.

This anchor course will take a practical approach to introducing students to the very real issue of managing their finances in the college environment by engaging them in creating a lifetime financial plan as well as participating in a service learning project. Topics of this course include financial literacy and the mathematics of money. This is a designated service-learning course integrating academic learning, civic learning and meaningful service to the community.

LCB 102. Roadmap Professional Succes. 3 Hours.

What is professionalism? What does it mean to be a professional? This course will use your experiences and define these difficult terms together. Then explore many aspects of professionalism including ethical decison making, communication, creative thinking, emotional intelligence, and expectations of professional standards. You will learn by practicing and helping others, guest speakers, readings, class discussions, and a variety of other learning tools. Open to all majors, this course is designed to help you now as you go through school and build your resume as well as after graduation as you BECOME a professional.

LCB 103. I Lead: Access Ldshp Potential. 3 Hours.

This anchor course will examine qualities of effective leaders and how leadership skills can affect everything from your personal relationships to your career development. Students will develop their own leadership goals and show specific plans to achieve these goals. Self assessment tools will be used in this course to help students identify what type of leadership qualities and characteristics they have.

LCB 106. Global Perspective. 3 Hours.

This FLC will examine how understanding the global marketplace will be essential for students in the 21st century. This FLC is designed to start students on a path to develop a perspective that appreciates the complexities of international culture and business.

LCB 107. Developing the Leader Within. 3 Hours.

This course will examine qualities of leaders who inspire others to work together to succeed. The role of leadership in personal and professional development will be explored. Through self-assessment, students will learn to recognize their individual strengths and opportunities for improvement as leaders. Students will develop their own leadership goals and show specific plans to achieve these goals.

LCB 108. Ingenuity and Innovation. 3 Hours.

This course focuses on how to create innovative solutions to real marketplace problems. It has an experienctial learning format that emphasizes open-minded inquiry to uncover unsolved problems and practical creativity to create solutions. Topics include creativity, ideation, environmental screening, idea evaluation and entrepreneurship.