Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine Theme

Theme Director: Yabing Chen, PhD
Theme Associate Director: Robert van Waardenburg, PhD
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Theme Information

The Pathobiology & Molecular Medicine (PBMM) Graduate Program at UAB is the successor of the popular and highly successful Integrative Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program established in 1999. PBMM represents an expansion of the Integrative Biomedical Sciences Program and is designed to give students the very best multidisciplinary training within the emerging and exciting field of molecular medicine. The main objective of the program is to expose students to a diverse faculty with research interests that range from molecules - to whole organisms - to disease processes - to new therapies. Our premise is that students, when trained in basic principles of molecular and cellular biology, in addition to organ-based physiology, pharmacology and pathology, will be prepared to study biological processes at any level of organization. The important biomedical issues of today are sufficiently complex that the successful investigator must be able to tackle these issues using integrated, multifaceted approaches.


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Lab Rotations3
Lab Rotation I
Lab Rotation 2
Lab Rotation 3
Core Courses6
Basic Biochemistry and Metabolism
Basic Genetics and Molecular Biology
Basic Biological Organization
Module Courses8
Nerves, Muscles and Bones
Heart, Lung, and Kidney
GI, Endocrine, and Immune System
Pharmacology and Molecular Medicine
Theme Required Courses8
GBS Student Theme Meeting Course 1
GBS Required Courses6
Intro to Biostats
Principles of Scientific Integrity
Grant-Writing/Scientific-Writing 22
Three Advanced Courses 39
Journal Clubs 48
Research Hours 524
Total Hours74

Required each fall and spring semester, 2nd year until graduation.


Course selected from the following: GBS 716, GBS 725, GBS 768, GBSC 726


Courses selected from the following: GBS 700, GBS 702, GBS 705, GBS 715, GBS 718, GBS 726, GBS 727GBS 729, GBS 732GBS 739, GBS 745, GBS 749, GBS 754, GBS 755, GBS 757, GBS 765, GBS 767, GBS 775, GBS 778, GBS 779, GBSC 705, GBSC 706, GBSC 707, GBSC 708, GBSC 709, GBSC 710, GBSC 712, GBSC 715, GBSC 717, GBSC 721, GBSC 724, GBSC 725, GBSC 728, GBSC 730, GBSC 732, GBSC 734, GBSC 735, GBSC 740, GBSC 741, or approved course.


Required each fall and spring semester, 2nd year until graduation. Courses selected from the following: GBS 728, GBS 736, GBS 746J, GBS 747J,GBS 756, GBS 766, GBS 776, GBS 786J, GBS 791, GBS 793, GBSC 700, GBSC 720.


24 hours in GBS 799, or 12 hours in GBS 798 and 12 hours in GBS 799.

Financial Support

All students accepted into GBS programs receive a competitive annual stipend and fully paid tuition and fees. Single coverage health insurance is also provided at no cost to the student through VIVA Health UAB. The annual stipend for the current academic year is $29,000. The total annual award value, including stipend, tuition, fees and health insurance is >$37,500. Stipends are reviewed and updated regularly.

Theme Faculty

The faculty listing for the Pathobiology & Molecular Medicine theme is located here