Prospective students should use this checklist to obtain specific admissions requirements on how to apply to Graduate School.

Sociology M.A. Program

The Department of Sociology offers two plans (Plan I and Plan II) for the M.A. Degree

Requirements for the M.A. Degree (Plan I)

Plan I students pursuing the M.A. degree in Sociology must have been admitted into the Medical Sociology Ph.D. program. To be admitted in good standing, candidates must meet all Graduate School admission requirements.

Plan I applicants lacking 18 semester hours in social science courses will be evaluated individually for academic deficiencies. Supplemental coursework may be recommended by the graduate faculty.
The program provides a Plan I (thesis) option. The M.A. degree is conferred upon the fulfillment of the requirements outlined below.

All of the following core courses are required for all students:

SOC 601Data Management and Analysis3
SOC 702Proseminar: The Profession of Sociology (The Proseminar is a one credit course that needs to be taken three semesters in a row, adding to a total of 3 credits.)1
SOC 703Regression Analysis3
SOC 705Advanced Research Methods3
or SOC 711 Qualitative Methods
SOC 720Classical Theory3
SOC 722Contemporary Sociological Theory3

2 or more substantive courses (these may be in areas outside of Sociology, subject to approval by the Sociology graduate program director)

Additional requirements for the Plan I M.A. degree include the following:

  • 6 semester hours of thesis research
  • An acceptable research-based thesis
  • A final oral examination based on the thesis

Requirements for the M.A. Degree (Plan II)

Plan II is an Applied M.A. option which provides strong disciplinary training, along with professional and research experience, to prepare students for careers in business, non-profits, government agencies and the continued professional development of teaching careers.  To be admitted in good standing, candidates must meet all Graduate School admission requirements.

The Plan II option is a non-thesis plan.  A six-hour faculty-directed applied/community capstone project, undertaken at the conclusion of the program, provides an opportunity to synthesize all previous course material and meets the final requirement for the plan II M.A. in Applied Sociology.

Students deciding to move into the Medical Sociology Ph.D Program will need to meet the core requirements from Plan I.

Students interested in learning more about the Plan II Applied Sociology M.A. should contact Dr. Cullen Clark, Applied Sociology M.A. plan, 205-934-3322, or write

All of the following core courses 18 hours are required for all students in the Plan II M.A. in Applied Sociology Program:

SOC 713Intro to Applied Sociology Research Methods3
SOC 723Applied Sociological Theory3
SOC 726Applied Sociology3
SOC 727Applied Social Psychology3
SOC 776Capstone Project6

Four additional classes are required for all students to fully matriculate. Choose FOUR classes from the following list, adding up to 12 hours:

SOC 711Qualitative Methods3
SOC 715Program Evaluation3
SOC 728Teaching Sociology3
SOC 729Consumer Culture3
SOC 737Practicum in Innovation, Creativity, and Applied Sociology3
SOC 745Sociological Practice3
SOC 760Sociology of Death and Dying3
SOC 781Sociology of Health and Illness3
SOC 783Health Care Delivery Systems3
SOC 786Health Disparities3
SOC 789Patient Care Relations/Ethics3