EMS-Middle School Education

EMS 590. Middle School Internship. 3 Hours.

Observation and teaching in middle school (10 weeks or 300 hours minimum). Students will attend a minimum of five 3-hour seminars designed to meet specific needs. Prerequisites: Unconditional acceptance in the 5th-Year Program and completion of graduate methods course, 9 hours in academic work, and at least 9 hours in professional courses in addition to the methods course.

EMS 616. Advanced Methods – Middle Grades Mathematics. 3 Hours.

Advanced methods for teaching mathematics in grades 6-8. Includes curriculum development, classroom interaction, pedagogical activities, technology applications, source materials, current research, society issues, and cognitive development of students. Current classroom teaching required.

EMS 648. The Middle School. 3 Hours.

Curriculum and principles in middle school education. Development of middle school from early junior high school movement. Examination of middle school programs and activities.

EMS 649. Studies in Middle School Education I II III. 1-3 Hour.

Advanced workshops in various phases of middle school program. Phase I foundations (history, growth and development, philosophy); Phase II, curriculum; and Phase III, instruction.

EMS 698. Individual Research in Education. 1-6 Hour.

Research in Education. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.