Certificate Programs

The UAB School of Public Health has two graduate certificate programs: the Public Health certificate and the Global Health Studies certificate.


Contact Person: Hannah VanSlambrouck, MBA
Contact E-mail: hannahv@uab.edu
Phone: (205) 934-0567
Website: www.soph.uab.edu

The Certificate in Public Health allows students to take general public health courses without being admitted to a degree program. The certificate is a 17 credit hour program of study. The content is the same as the core content taught in the UAB Master of Public Health program. All courses are offered via distance education. Upon successful completion of program requirements, students will receive a certificate of completion awarded by the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Only students who enroll in and complete the certificate program are eligible to receive a certificate.

Program Format

Students are required to take the 6 public health core courses from the Master of Public Health program (14 credit hours) and a 3 credit hour elective, for a total of 17 credit hours. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA to remain in good academic standing and to earn the certificate. Certificate students may apply for the MPH or other degree programs within the UAB School of Public Health and if admitted, the courses taken will be counted towards the completion of the degree program; the courses must have been completed in the last five years with a grade of A or B.

Admission Requirements

A UAB Graduate School admissions application must be completed in order to enroll in the Public Health certificate program: www.uab.edu/graduate/admissions.

Application Requirements

  • Official transcripts from ALL higher education institutions you attended and received college credit
  • A Bachelor's degree with an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • Personal statement
  • Currently working in the health care field or enrolled in an accredited health-related degree program
Public Health Courses
PUH 601This is Public Health1
PUH 602Community Assessment3
PUH 603Quantitative Methods in Public Health3
PUH 604Programs and Policies3
PUH 605Public Health Management and Evaluation3
PUH 606Leadership for Evidence-Based Public Health1
Approved Elective Course3
Total Credit Hours:17


Director: Janet M. Turan, PhD, MPH
Contact Person: Meredith L. Gartin, PhD
Contact E-mail:  gartin@uab.edu 
Phone: (205) 934-0567
Website: www.uab.edu/sparkmancenter/graduate-certificate

This 15-hour certificate program is offered to any UAB graduate student (degree seeking or non-degree seeking) who wishes to gain knowledge and skills in the field of global health. Students may choose from several online or classroom-based courses to meet the requirements for this program. Upon successful completion of program requirements, students will receive a certificate of completion awarded by the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In order to be enrolled in the graduate certificate program, you have to be enrolled as a student with the UAB graduate school (UAB Graduate Admissions). Undergraduate students may apply to the certificate program, but the certificate will not be awarded until a bachelor’s degree is earned. 

Upon completion of the GHS certificate program, participants will be able to:

  • Analyze the relationship between global health and development.
  • Use appropriate methods to appraise global health challenges and health care systems, as well as responses to these challenges.
  • Synthesize information from primary and secondary sources to help identify appropriate interventions and actions in the field of global health.
  • Use research, planning and management methods to make efficient and effective use of available resources in field settings.
  • Develop professional skills in program design, program monitoring, and evaluation.

Program Format

Students are required to complete the GHS 600 course for 3-credit hours, and an additional 12-credit hours of approved public health and global health courses for a total of 15-credit hours.  Students must take a minimum of 6-credit hours from the selective GHS electives, and a maximum of 6-credit hours of other selected public health electives.

 Admission Requirements

Admission to any UAB graduate program automatically meets entrance requirements for the GHS certificate program; however, an UAB Graduate School admissions application must be completed in order to enroll in the GHS certificate program, www.uab.edu/graduate/admissions.

Graduate students may enroll in the GHS certificate program at any time during their graduate course of study at UAB.   Any student who wishes to enroll into the GHS Certificate Program is responsible for meeting with his or her departmental coordinator and with the GHS program coordinator to ensure that all administrative requirements have been met. Any student who does not maintain a “B” average in his or her certificate courses is subject to dismissal from the certificate program. 

Undergraduate students must meet all requirements listed in the School of Public Health Accelerated Learning Opportunities:

  • maintain a 3.5 GPA average in undergraduate courses
  • completed 60 undergraduate credit hours, and at least 36 credit hours at UAB
  • receive a B (or better) in the graduate courses taken while still an undergraduate student
  • maintain full-time student status at UAB

Please see the program website for details about how to apply to the certificate program if you are an undergraduate student. 

Global Health Studies Core (3 hours)
GHS 600Fundamentals of Global Health3
Global Health Studies Electives (Minimum of 6 credit hours)
GHS 604Infectious Diseases of Global Health Significance3
GHS 605Disabilities and Global Health3
GHS 606Critical Issues in Global Maternal and Child Health3
GHS 607Global Health and Gender3
GHS 610Refugee Health Care3
GHS 611International NGO Management3
GHS 429/630Intensive Global Health Training - SIFAT3
GHS 430/630Global Health Training, SIFAT6
Other Electives (Maximum of 6 credit hours)
ENH 610Environmental Disasters3
EPI 602Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases3
EPI 605Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases3
HCO 608Reproductive Health3
HCO 631Public Health Demography3
HCO 728Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research in Public Health3
PUH 496/696Exploring Population Health6
Total Credit Hours:15