Coordinated Master of Science in Nursing and MPH in Health Behavior Program

Coordinated Master of Science in Nursing / Master of Public Health in Health Behavior (MSN/MPH) Program

The coordinated MPH in Health Behavior/MSN degree is designed to address health behavior content and methods needed by advanced practice nurses.  This program of study prepares graduates to participate in the development, implementation, and evaluation of innovative health promotion and disease prevention programs and policies. Graduates may assume a variety of positions in nursing, health behavior, and/or a combination of the two, including leadership roles.


Students must complete a minimum of 44 semester hours of credit for the MPH degree, which includes six credit hours of required Nursing course work. Twenty credits in the School of Public Health meet the requirements for core courses in the Master of Public Health program and provide a strong knowledge base in epidemiology, biostatistics, health behavior, environmental health sciences and health care organization and policy. Eighteen additional credits meet the requirements for the Health Behavior track in the School of Public Health. The coordinated MPH/MSN degrees can be completed in two years or six consecutive terms if the student registers for full-time study beginning in the fall term. If a coordinated degree student drops out of the MSN program, he/she must apply for transfer to the MPH Health Behavior track and follow the requirements for that program.

MPH Core Requirements (20 hours):
BST 601Biostatistics4
ENH 600Fundamentals of Environmental Health Science3
EPI 600Introduction to Epidemiology3
HB 600Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health3
HCO 600Management and Policy in Public Health Systems and Services4
PUH 695The Public Health Integrative Experience3
HB Focus Courses (18 hours):
HB 624Advanced Social and Behavioral Science Theory3
HB 636Developing Interventions to Promote Public Health3
HB 641Research Methods in Behavioral Science3
HB 643Health Program Evaluation3
HB 697Internship3
Select 3 hours from 600-level or higher (HB) courses3
SOPH Coursework Total38
Shared Hours from Coordinated Program (6 hours):
NUR 604Leadership in Advanced Nursing Practice Roles3
NUR 606Translating Evidence into Practice3
Total credit hours to complete the degree:44