Coordinated PhD Industrial and Systems Engineering(Auburn) / Master of Public Health Program

Coordinated Master of Public Health and PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering (MPH/PHD) Program

This coordinated degree program is offered through the Auburn University School of Engineering and the UAB School of Public Health. Students focus their MPH in Environmental Health Science. The UAB School of Public Health has partnered with the Auburn School of Engineering's Industrial and Systems Engineering program to provide the opportunity for students in the Auburn University Environmental Engineering Doctoral Program to pursue public health education during their training in engineering in a flexible format that accommodates their academic schedule while assuring critical instruction in the core areas of public health and in specific competency areas considered essential to environmental engineers with public health training.


Students must complete the MPH Core plus 7 credit hours of MPH focus courses for a total of 30 credit hours in addition to the required PhD curriculum requirements. Twelve credit hours from the PhD curriculum are credited toward the MPH degree for a total of 42 MPH credit hours. Students may complete the MPH degree program totally online, in class, or through a mix of online and in class experiences.

MPH Core Requirements: (23 hours)
BST 601Biostatistics4
ENH 600Fundamentals of Environmental Health Science3
EPI 600Introduction to Epidemiology3
HB 600Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health3
HCO 600Management and Policy in Public Health Systems and Services4
PUH 697Practice Placement / Internship3
PUH 695The Public Health Integrative Experience3
ENH Departmental Courses: (7 credits) Minimum of 7 hours
ENH 612Assessing & Managing Environmental Risks3
ENH 621Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene3
ENH 691Current Topics in Environmental Health and Occupational Health and Safety1
ENH 650Essentials of Environmental and Occupational Toxicology and Diseases3
Total MPH Coursework:30
Credit from Auburn's Industrial Engineering Curriculum: (12 hours) Select 4 courses from approved list
INSY 5010/6010 – Safety Engineering I3
INSY 7026 – Safety Engineering II3
INSY 7050 – Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Hazards 3
INSY 7060 - Ergonomics I3
INSY 7070 - Ergonomics II3
INSY 7086– Human Factors in Engineering Design3