Coordinated Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology) and Masters of Science in Public Health

Coordinated Master of Science in Public Health / Doctor of Philosophy (MSPH/PhD) Program

The department offers coordinated Master of Science in Public Health and PhD degrees in cooperation with the Department of Psychology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham or at the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa).


The MSPH degree requires a minimum of 43 hours. Students in this coordinated program will be waived from the biostatistics requirement upon documentation of successful completion of Advanced Statistics I and II in the PhD program. Students may emphasize health policy issues or outcomes research issues through 6 hours of approved electives. In addition, all students must complete a 9 credit hour research project. This is a coordinated dual degree track and, as such, graduation from one program is contingent on completion of all requirements for graduation from the other program.

Students receiving a MSPH are required to complete a 37 hour online course entitled "Overview of Public Health" by the end of their second semester. Students with prior public health education (coursework in each of the public health core disciplines) may be waived from this requirement by permission of the Associate Dean.

MSPH Core Requirements (10 hours):
BST 611Intermediate Statistical Analysis I3
BST 612Intermediate Statistical Analysis II3
EPI 610Principles of Epidemiologic Research4
PhD Track (18 hours):
HCO 604Health Economics and Public Health Policy3
HCO 621Clinical Decision Making and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis 3
HCO 623QPharmacoeconomics and Regulation Online3
HCO 670Social and Ethical Issues in Public Health3
HCO 677Patient-Based Outcomes Measurement3
HCO 691Policy Analysis: Modeling & Simulation3
Electives (6 hours):
Masters-Level Research (9 hours):
HCO 698Master's Level Directed Research Health Care Organization and Policy1-9
Total Hours43