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ACĀ 364. Taxation and the Working Poor. 3 Hours.

Students will explore the objectives and consequences of the U.S. federal tax system in relation to the working poor. Topics covered will include the Earned Income Tax Credit, progressive and regressive taxes, and income redistribution as the result of tax provisions. In addition, students will study common mis-perceptions of those living in poverty. The course will consist of classroom instruction, tax preparation training, completion of a tax certification test, and volunteer tax preparation at a community-based site. This course is open to both business and non-business majors and assumes no prior knowledge of accounting or tax. The course is a service-learning course and will satisfy the experiential-learning requirement in the Collat School of Business.
Prerequisites: GPAO 2.00

Collat School of Business

...met by satisfactory completion of AC 364 , AC 464 , AC 474 , BUS 496 , DB 495...

Department of Accounting and Finance

...approved by your academic advisor: AC 364 , AC 464 , AC 474 , BUS 496 , DB 495...