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ARH 577. Piety and Power: Art in India after 1200. 3 Hours.

This course looks at the arts of India after 1200, when Indian art and culture was increasingly influenced and altered by religious and secular powers from outside the subcontinent. We will examine Islamic art and architecture under the patronage of various Sultanate traditions, and finally the Mughals, who expressed their power and piety in monumental architecture and extensively illustrated books. We will also consider the influence of Europeans in South Asia, culminating with the colonial project of the British Raj. Ongoing negotiations between these newly-arriving groups and Indians older, indigenous traditions will be studied. Throughout the course we will dissect the categories of knowledge about South Asia and its art that were constructed primarily by the British, considering, for example, the usefulness of dividing India’s art history into categories of “Hindu,” “Islamic,” “European,” and etc.

Art History

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