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ASEMĀ 614. Engineering Ethics and Acceptable Risk. 3 Hours.

This course explores the economic, social, and political consequences of safety risk and considers provocative real world dilemmas: What is acceptable risk? Are the fundamental canons of engineering ethics contrary to the concept of acceptable risk? What is the worth of human life? Students will conduct critical reviews of corporate safety and ethics policies from market leaders in all major industries as well as their own company. Real-world case studies provide the framework for exercises in resolving conflicts of interest and avoiding the dilemma of "whistle blowing." Guest lecturers from diverse backgrounds will discuss their experiences with ethics in the workplace. Live participation in a weekly 1.5 hour online forum is required. Live Classes in ASEM-614 are held 3 times per semester on Sunday from 3:00-4:30 pm CDT. Students are expected to attend 4 Live Classes in ASEM-601 as well.
Prerequisites: ASEM 610 [Min Grade: B](Can be taken Concurrently)

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