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ASEMĀ 619. Capstone Project - Part 1. 3 Hours.

Bringing to bear the competencies acquired through the program, students develop a proposal, outline, schedule and rough draft of a comprehensive, advanced safety engineering and management plan for their business unit/specialty area that is consistent with the ANSI/AIHA Z10-2005, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems standard. Judicious selection of the Capstone topic and of projects throughout the ASEM curriculum allows students to build on and use earlier course products to support their Capstone report. Live participation in a quarterly 1.25 hour online forum is required. Must be taken during the penultimate or final semester.
Prerequisites: (ASEM 610 [Min Grade: B] or EGR 610 [Min Grade: B]) and (ASEM 611 [Min Grade: B] or EGR 611 [Min Grade: B]) and (ASEM 612 [Min Grade: B] or EGR 612 [Min Grade: B]) and (ASEM 613 [Min Grade: B] or EGR 613 [Min Grade: B]) and (ASEM 614 [Min Grade: B] or EGR 614 [Min Grade: B]) and (ASEM 615 [Min Grade: B] or EGR 615 [Min Grade: B]) and ASEM 616 [Min Grade: B](Can be taken Concurrently) or EGR 616 [Min Grade: B]) and (ASEM 617 [Min Grade: B] or EGR 617 [Min Grade: B]) and ASEM 618 [Min Grade: B](Can be taken Concurrently) or EGR 618 [Min Grade: B] or ASEM 628 [Min Grade: B](Can be taken Concurrently)

Business Administration

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