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ASEMĀ 620. Capstone Project - Part 2. 3 Hours.

Students complete the development of their comprehensive, advanced safety engineering and management (ASEM) plan, including background information of the project, an ASEM plan (management and employee participation, planning, implementation and operation, evaluation and corrective action and management review), and rollout strategy. Students must submit completed report with detailed attachments, and orally present project highlights to the class in a live online classroom setting. Live participation in a quarterly 1.25 hour online forum is required.
Prerequisites: ASEM 610 [Min Grade: B] and ASEM 611 [Min Grade: B] and ASEM 612 [Min Grade: B] and ASEM 613 [Min Grade: B] and ASEM 614 [Min Grade: B] and ASEM 615 [Min Grade: B] and ASEM 616 [Min Grade: B] and ASEM 617 [Min Grade: B] and ASEM 618 [Min Grade: B](Can be taken Concurrently) or ASEM 628 [Min Grade: B](Can be taken Concurrently)

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...MBA, MSHA/MBA, and ASEM/MBA and Public Health HCO 620 Health Insurance & Managed...