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BMD 320. Survey of Cell Biology for Health Professions. 3 Hours.

Molecular and cellular biosciences from a highly-integrated systems perspective; principles of eukaryotic cell structure and function, macromolecules, gene expression, signaling, division, differentiation, energy transformation and metabolism in cells; endocytosis, intramembrane transport, protein targeting, organelle biosynthesis, protein sorting, exocytosis, cell shape, motility, and cell-to-cell interaction; signal transduction processes and cellular functions required for cell growth and programmed cell death.
Prerequisites: CH 115 [Min Grade: C] and (CH 114 [Min Grade: C] or CH 116 [Min Grade: C]) and CH 117 [Min Grade: C] and (CH 118 [Min Grade: C] or CH 119 [Min Grade: C]) and BY 123 [Min Grade: C] and BY 124 [Min Grade: C]

School of Health Professions

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Department of Human Studies

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