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BME 498. Capstone Design I Product Development. 3 Hours.

Design and development of medical-products. Through experiential learning, students go through the early phases of engineering design innovation for medical products, starting with clinical immersion to determine a critical health-care need. Engineering students work in multi-disciplinary teams that include students from the School of Business to develop design concepts for both a client-based prototype and a commercializable version. Designs take into account client needs as well as legal, regulatory, and marketing requirements. Business ethics are also covered. Emphasis is placed on communication in both oral and written format to targeted audiences.
Prerequisites: BME 310 [Min Grade: C](Can be taken Concurrently) and BME 312 [Min Grade: C](Can be taken Concurrently) and BME 313 [Min Grade: C](Can be taken Concurrently) and BME 333 [Min Grade: C](Can be taken Concurrently)

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

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Department of Biomedical Engineering

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Science and Technology Honors Program

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