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CSA 499. Senior BA Capstone. 3 Hours.

This capstone course consolidates key concepts in the undergraduate BA curriculum and prepares students for their professional careers. Teamwork and writing are key themes of the course. Students discuss and write about topics in ethics, professional practice, entrepreneurship, intellectual property, licensing (e.g., GPL, MIT), privacy, continuing professional development, professional networking tools, compliance, tolerance, inclusion, appreciation of diversity, and contemporary issues. In an application-oriented project, students put to practice principles and techniques that they have acquired throughout the undergraduate computer science curriculum in the context of their minor discipline. Students take the Major Field Test in Computer Science as a requirement for completing this course. Students should be CIS BA majors in their last year of undergraduate study. Lecture and laboratory.
Prerequisites: CS 303 [Min Grade: C] and (MA 125 [Min Grade: C] or MA 225 [Min Grade: C])