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DB 430. Distribution Operations. 3 Hours.

The course emphasizes distribution operations decision making. There are heavy emphases on profitability analysis, margin management, pricing and price negotiations, and managing inventory investments.
Prerequisites: DB 320 [Min Grade: C] and AC 200 [Min Grade: C] and AC 201 [Min Grade: C] and EC 210 [Min Grade: C] and EC 211 [Min Grade: C] and QM 214 [Min Grade: C] and LS 246 [Min Grade: C] and QM 215 [Min Grade: C] and (BUS 101 [Min Grade: C] or BUS 102 [Min Grade: C]) and BUS 110 [Min Grade: C]

Collat School of Business

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Department of Marketing, Industrial Distribution, and Economics

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Department of Accounting and Finance

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