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EGRĀ 618. Intrapreneurship & Calculated Risk Taking. 3 Hours.

Intrapreneurs are innovative change agents inside an existing corporation -- insider entrepreneurs. This course prepares students to become and/or identify effective intrapreneurs within their own business environment. Topics include the history of intrapreneurial success inside technology-based corporations and the fundamentals of recognizing opportunity and launching a new, promising enterprise within an existing business. Students also learn to recognize and effectively manage intrapreneurial risk, including the safety readiness of technology for the market place and the corporate "immune response" to new ideas and inside innovators. Case studies of real-world intrapreneurial success and failure provide a framework for group discussion and student exercises. Live participation in a weekly 1.5 hour online forum is required. The EGR 618 forum is typically held on Sunday from 3:00-4:30 CDT.
Prerequisites: EGR 610 [Min Grade: C]