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Department of Curriculum and Instruction

...3 EH 461 American Literature, 1620 - 1820 EH 469 Medieval Culture: Literature and Society EH...

Department of Sociology

...One: EH 216 , EH 217 , EH 218 , EH...the Life Course SOC 469 Sociology of Aging...

Department of English

...EH 426 Pre-1800 Literature: Special Topics EH 461 American Literature, 1620 - 1820 EH 469...

International Studies

...EH 217 World Literature I: Before 1660 EH...Catastrophe 1815-2012 HY 469 Stalin and Stalinism...

EH 469. Medieval Culture: Literature and Society. 3 Hours.

Exploration through art, literature, and history of dominant themes of Middle Ages, from Germans to Dante and Chaucer.
Prerequisites: EH 301 [Min Grade: C](Can be taken Concurrently)

EHS 469. Secondary School Curriculum: Foreign Language. 3 Hours.

Approaches and methods of teaching and testing foreign language. Selection and use of audiovisual equipment and materials. Extensive field experience required. Note: Fee will apply to course.