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FLLĀ 485. Foreign Language Capstone Seminar. 3 Hours.

Advanced seminar on broad cultural and cross-cultural topics in foreign languages, literatures, and critical theory. Students must complete a Capstone project including substantial Writing assessments with a strong emphasis on Ethics and Civic Responsibility, where they apply cultural literacy in a critical and reasoned manner toward understanding contemporary and/or past foreign cultures. Selected courses may also include a Quantitative Literacy component.Taught in English, readings assignments in English and/or foreign languages. Senior standing, FLL 120, FLL 220 or EH 218 and at least 6 semester hours at the 300 level of student's target language track.
Prerequisites: FLL 120 [Min Grade: C] and FLL 220 [Min Grade: C] or EH 218 [Min Grade: C]

Department of Human Studies

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Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

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International Studies

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