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GGSC 492. Undergraduate Research Seminar in Genetics and Genomic Sciences. 3 Hours.

Elective course for non-GGS Honors students who perform at least two semesters of GGSC 380. Over the course of the semester, students will learn how to develop and complete a paper or thesis on their research work while working closely with a supervising faculty member. In addition, the course will prepare them to present their research findings in a seminar format. Through these activities, students will develop effective skills in both written and oral scientific communication. Students will present a formal seminar on their research at the end of the course. This course can be taken the first semester following the completion of the research project, or alternatively can be taken concurrently with Undergraduate Research in Genetics and Genomic Sciences (GGSC 380) during the student’s final semester of supervised research. Designated a Capstone course (GGS majors).

Genetics and Genomic Sciences

...taken to fulfill the Capstone Requirement: GGSC 490 , GGSC 491 , GGSC 492 or GGSC 493 .