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HCM 481. Health Care Management Internship. 3,6 Hours.

Capstone course places students in selected healthcare setting supervised by experienced preceptors. Students are exposed to day-to-day managerial functions and participate in organizational projects. Students draw upon, synthesize, and apply classroom learning to healthcare organization environments. Activities focus on the development of problem solutions, effective communications and research skills. Projects focus on Service Learning and students also explore the culture, ethical issues and community impact of the organization.
Prerequisites: (AHS 401 [Min Grade: C] or HCM 401 [Min Grade: C]) and (AHS 403 [Min Grade: C] or HCM 403 [Min Grade: C]) and (AHS 405 [Min Grade: C] or HCM 405 [Min Grade: C]) and (AHS 407 [Min Grade: C] or HCM 407 [Min Grade: C]) and (AHS 480 [Min Grade: C] or HCM 480 [Min Grade: C])