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HY 338. Eastern Europe 1914-Present. 3 Hours.

This course traces drastic transformative processes which remade Eastern Europe during the violent twentieth century, including: nationalism, ethnic cleansing, genocide, the Holocaust, communism, the Cold War, and European integration. Virulent nationalism, Nazi atrocities, and the vicious revenge they inspired decimated the multiethnic world that had come before and forged ethnically homogenous nation-states with rigid frontiers. With previous understandings of property rights, moral responsibility, and neighborliness undermined, and with Soviet armies occupying the ruins that remained, communists and their unwitting nationalist allies found fertile ground for the establishment of command economies, which repressed the traumatized survivors of the Second World War and their descendants until 1989. Students in this course compose six critical essays surrounding secondary and primary analyses of these conceptual areas and engage in regular course discussions.

International Studies

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