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NBLĀ 225. No Self Control: Motivation, Reward and Addiction. 3 Hours.

Survival of self and species has been evolutionarily wired into the brain. Largely, involving sub-cortical networks, animals are strongly rewarded by beneficial outcomes and driven away from aversive situations. Overseeing these opposing subconscious determinants of motivated behavior is a pre-frontal cortical command center, which along with additional systems that provide for experiential memory and emotional significance, guide the choices we make. This course will provide the participant with an introduction to the neuronal pathways that underlie normal decision making, with a major focus on how this circuitry becomes compromised during addiction. These topics should be relevant to students interested in biomedicine, health professions or counseling.

Science and Technology Honors Program

...BME 494 , PY 398 , NBL 398 , PH 498...237 , PY 201 , MA 225 , MA 226 any...


...Required : NBL 225 No Self Control: Motivation, Reward and Addiction (3 credit hours) NBL 327...