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NCL 620. Systems in Population-based Care I. 4 Hours.

This course is designed to provide the student with opportunities to integrate in-depth knowledge of theoretical and practical concepts required to measure and improve healthcare quality, outcomes and safety. The student will focus on 5 roles required for the beginning Clinical Nurse Leader: Clinician, Member of Profession, Interdisciplinary Healthcare Team Manager, Outcomes Manager and Lifelong Learner. The course explores theories of change, complexity, horizontal and lateral leadership, microsystems and decision-making and their relationship to nursing and the health care system. The following elements are integrated into this course: critical thinking, research, scholarly writing, scientific integrity, ethics, cultural diversity, and social issues.
Prerequisites: (NUR 600 [Min Grade: C] and NUR 643 [Min Grade: C] and NUR 518L [Min Grade: P])

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...Requirements Hours NCL 618L Focus on Advanced Nursing Practice Specialization 2 NCL 620 Systems in...