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NDP 623. Dual Option Pediatric III. 4-5 Hours.

This course provides a theoretical and practical base for students to diagnose and manage chronic health problems of children and adolescents. Additionally, students will be provided with opportunities to integrate in-depth knowledge of management of chronic health care problems, family crises, case management, education and consultation roles and skills and procedures required by children, adolescents and their families who experience chronic, complex health problems. Content includes management strategies from the domains of nursing, medicine, and pharmacological therapeutics, and emphasizes direct care to children, adolescents and their families. This course utilizes an on-line lecture/discussion and case study format to assist the student in the clinical assessment and decision-making to provide direct patient care to children, adolescents and their families within the scope of practice of primary and acute care pediatric nurse practitioners. Students will have the opportunity to develop strategies to present information about chronic health care problems to peers and colleagues. The student is expected to apply the concepts and theories discussed in class to the care of children and adolescents during the clinical course taken in conjunction with this course. The following elements are integrated into this course: critical thinking, crisis management, health promotion and disease prevention, research, ethics, cultural diversity, cultural competence, and social issues.
Prerequisites: (NDP 622 [Min Grade: B] or NDP 622 [Min Grade: B]) and (NDP 686L [Min Grade: P] or NDP 686L [Min Grade: P])

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