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NFA 620. Surgical Techniques. 3 Hours.

This course will focus on the expanded functions unique to the RNFA role during operative and invasive procedures. The course includes the recommended content of the Core Curriculum for the RN First Assist and is designed to develop the beginning knowledge and skills needed for safe RNFA practice. Surgical practice and techniques such as sterile technique, positioning and draping, using instruments and medical devices, providing exposure, handling and cutting tissue, providing hemostasis, and suturing will be emphasized in a (hands on) laboratory experience. The course will be taught in a blended distance accessible format and on campus 4-5 day intensive session in an animal surgical laboratory. This format will enable each student to apply surgical principles and techniques to a swine surgical model. Students without operating room experience will be required to take the 4 credit hours (5 day intensive) and students with operating room experience will take 3 credit hours (4 day intensive). Admission to the ACNP/RNFA graduate program or RNFA post masters option required.

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