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NHSA 632. Nursing and Health Systems Administration I. 2-4 Hours.

This course provides a theoretical base for students to develop the role of nursing and health systems administrator. Emphasis is placed on development of knowledge and skills necessary for implementing the management role. Students will develop specific administrative competencies to include the ability to: understand self and others; communicate effectively, develop subordinates, manage conflict, monitor personal, individual, and team performance, manage projects, delegate effectively, manage time and stress, foster a productive work environment, live with change, and build and maintain a power base. Content builds on the theoretical foundations of leadership, organizational behavior, financial management, patient care delivery, quality standards and improvement, risk management, leadership development, and change management. The following elements are integrated into this course: critical thinking, research, scholarly writing, professional presentation, scientific integrity and ethics, cultural diversity, and social issues. The role emphasis of this course is for entry and mid-level nurse leaders. Prerequisite: Admission to the Nursing and Health Systems Administration option.
Prerequisites: NHSA 616 [Min Grade: B] and NHSA 617L [Min Grade: P] and NHSA 618 [Min Grade: B] and NHSA 631 [Min Grade: B] and NHSA 681L [Min Grade: P]

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