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NHSA 633. Nursing and Health Systems Administration II. 4 Hours.

This course offers a theoretical base for students to develop and implement the role of nursing and health systems administrator at the service line/division or higher level. Emphasis is on the synthesis of knowledge and skills from multiple disciplines including nursing and business necessary when assuming a mid-level to senior level leadership role. A primary focus of this course is to develop the nurse leader as an expert to influence patient care, systems and community outcomes in a variety of settings such as ambulatory clinics, long-term care, acute care, community, managed care and policy-making. Content includes strategic management, health care policy and regulation, internal and external environmental assessments, disaster preparedness, and organizational and professional accountability. The following elements are integrated into this course: critical thinking, research, scholarly writing, professional presentation, scientific integrity and ethics, cultural diversity, and social issues. The role emphasis of this course is mid-level to senior level leadership roles. Prerequisite: NHSA 632 and NHSA 682L. Corequisite: NSHA 683L.
Prerequisites: NHSA 632 [Min Grade: B] and NHSA 682L [Min Grade: P]

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