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NPE 621. Nurse Practitioner Pediatric Primary Care I. 4-5 Hours.

The purpose of this course is to introduce essential concepts in the safe and effective provision of advanced practice nursing. The focus of this course is to prepare the student to implement the role of the Advanced Practice Nurse. The emphasis of this course is on the acquisition of the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver safe and effective care to primary care pediatric patients and their families.
Prerequisites: (NUR 612 [Min Grade: B] or NUR 612 [Min Grade: B]) and (NUR 613 [Min Grade: B] or NUR 613 [Min Grade: B]) and (NUR 614L [Min Grade: B] or NUR 614L [Min Grade: B] or NUR 614 [Min Grade: B] or NUR 614 [Min Grade: B])

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