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NRMĀ 750. Foundations of Quantitative Research. 3 Hours.

This course is a survey of quantitative research methods and the first required research core course in the PhD doctoral nursing program. The course is designed to prepare PhD doctoral nursing students with the research knowledge and skills to: (1) critically evaluate research; (2) use the process of research to examine questions identified in one's own nursing practice; and (3) contribute to expansion of nursing's knowledge base. This course will include integration of the following elements and/or activities: critical thinking, critique and synthesis of quantitative research literature in a focused area of interest, scholarly writing, scientific integrity and ethics, human diversity, and social issues. Students will apply criteria for the critique of research to assess the design, methods and validity of research findings. Students will be exposed to various critique frameworks for both quantitative and qualitative research. Strategies for conducting both systematic and integrated reviews will be addressed. The advanced practice role emphasis of this course is that of investigator, research collaborator, and content expert in a selected practice field.