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NRMĀ 752. Responsible Conduct of Research. 2 Hours.

This course will examine a wide range of historical and modern treatises that have shaped ethical practices and medical ethical theories both in the United States and globally. The course will emphasize comparing and contrasting various world views of ethical research practice from a cultural and global perspective. The content will focus on ethical principles such as respect for persons, autonomy, justice and rights-based codes. In addition, the expectations and regulations of Institutional Review Boards will be examined with an emphasis on developing effective strategies to expedite approval of student research applications. In addition, students will complete and provide proof of current completion of the UAB IRB training course as an initial pass/fail learning activity. This course will also include integration of the following elements and/or activities: critical thinking, informatics, collaboration, scholarly writing, preparing/giving professional presentations, theory evaluation and application, human diversity, cultural competence, global concerns and health disparity issues. The advanced role emphasis of this course is that of investigator, research collaborator, and content expert in a selected practice field.