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NRMĀ 777. Mixed Methods Research I: Introduction to the Field. 3 Hours.

The course will provide students with an introduction to the field of mixed methods research. The course will focus on understanding what constitutes mixed methods research, its fundamental principles, and the main trends, issues, and debates involved in the application of this research approach. Students will examine the process of mixed methods research, including its definition, rationale for using it, the key characteristics, major design applications, and means of assessing the quality of mixed methods inferences. In addition, students will learn how the mixed methods research process is shaped by personal, interpersonal, and social contexts and how mixed methods intersects with other quantitative and qualitative research approaches and designs.
Prerequisites: (NRM 750 [Min Grade: B] or NRM 750 [Min Grade: B]) and (NRM 773 [Min Grade: B] or NRM 773 [Min Grade: B])