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NTC 654. Evaluation of Instruction in Nursing. 3 Hours.

This course is a required for students in the Teacher in Nursing Certificate program and may be chosen as an elective course by other graduate students. The content is general and applicable to a variety of health related educational settings and learners. This course is an introduction to educational testing and measurement, teaching effectiveness, and clinical performance appraisal. This course provides an overview of evaluation techniques that enable nurses to plan and implement a variety of education related evaluation approaches, including test construction, item analysis, teaching effectiveness, and clinical performance appraisals. Emphasis will be placed on classroom and clinical evaluation of learning and on the use of technology for evaluation purposes. Prereq: Admission to Graduate Studies in the School of Nursing or as a non-degree post-baccalaureate student or by permission of instructor;knowledge of statistics and writing measurable educational ofjectives int eh domains of knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

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