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NURĀ 334. Pharmacotherapy Disease Process III. 2 Hours.

This course is a continuation of Pharmocotherapy & Disease Process II. Emphasis is on the application of principles of pathophysiology and pharmacotherapies to body systems. Content will align with concepts taught in Concepts of Adult Health Nursing II and Concepts of Maternal Child Health Nursing.
Prerequisites: NUR 310 [Min Grade: C] and NUR 311L [Min Grade: C] and NUR 312L [Min Grade: C] and NUR 313L [Min Grade: C] and NUR 314 [Min Grade: C] and NUR 315 [Min Grade: C] and NUR 324 [Min Grade: C]

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...NUR 334 Pharmacotherapy Disease Process III 2 NUR 426 Concepts of Complex Nursing 2 NUR...