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NURĀ 445. Nursing of the Child and Adolescent. 3 Hours.

Course provides knowledge that is essential for the professional nursing care of children from infancy through adolescence within the context of the family. Students examine the physical, nutritional, developmental, psychological, cognitive, psychosocial, educational, and spiritual needs of children and adolescents adapting to common and complex environmental variables that affect health. Students explore the roles of the professional nurse as caregiver, educator, advocate, and collaborator in providing nursing care to children and adolescents in a variety of settings. Writing competency is an additional focus of this course. Writing is a significant component of this course.
Prerequisites: NUR 365 [Min Grade: C] and NUR 366L [Min Grade: C] and NUR 385 [Min Grade: C] and NUR 386L [Min Grade: C] and NUR 370 [Min Grade: C] and (NUR 374 [Min Grade: C] or NUR 484 [Min Grade: C])