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NURĀ 503. Nursing Care of Older Adults. 3 Hours.

NUR 503 focuses on the unique needs of older adult patients who require nursing care in a variety of healthcare settings. The older adult as a heterogeneous, holistic person is emphasized in light of current and future health care needs. Concepts of healthy aging and care in the preventive, restorative, acute, and chronic domains are explored. The professional role of the nurse as advocate is developed in diverse learning activities.Prerequisite: NUR 505, NUR 506L, ,NUR 515 and NUR 516L. Corequisite: NUR 507, NUR 508L, NUR 509, NUR 510L, NUR 517 and NUR 518L.
Prerequisites: NUR 513 [Min Grade: C] and NUR 505 [Min Grade: C] and NUR 506L [Min Grade: P]