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NUR 600. Research and Statistics for Advanced Practice. 4 Hours.

This course is designed to prepare master¿s students with the research knowledge and skills to (1) use current research findings to improve practice, (2) use the process of research to examine questions identified in nursing practice, and (3) participate in collaborative research. This course will include integration of the following elements: critical thinking, current technologies for data management and statistical analysis, scholarly writing, scientific integrity and ethics and human diversity. Statistical procedures examined will include univariate and bivariate statistics, parametric and nonparametic procedures and selected epidemiological measures. Prerequisite: Under-graduate statistics.
Prerequisites: NUST A or MA 180 [Min Grade: C] or PY 214 [Min Grade: C] or MA 480 [Min Grade: C] or QM 214 [Min Grade: C] or JS 120 [Min Grade: C] or (NUR 517 [Min Grade: C] and NUR 518L [Min Grade: P])

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