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PUH 354. Scratching the Iche: Introducation to Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology. 3 Hours.

This course is designed to focus specifically on concepts involved with performing epidemiological surveillance and research within a hospital setting. With the recent advent of policies set forth by the Affordable Care Act, emphasis has been placed on surveillance and prevention of nosocomial infections in hospitals throughout the country. The course will introduce students to the methodology of infection control in a hospital setting, including how patients are tested for infectious diseases, surveillance methodology, and how an outbreak investigation in a hospital is performed. The course will involve guest lecturers from different departments of the hospital, including but not limited to Infection Control, Patient Safety and Quality, Clinical Laboratory, and Environmental Control. Each week will cover a given topic (e.g., bloodstream and catheter-associated infections, multi-drug resistant pathogens, respiratory diseases). The students will be graded through the use of take-home assignments, a mid-term examination, two case studies, and a group project involving a nosocomial outbreak investigation of an infectious disease of the course master’s choice.
Prerequisites: PUH 201 [Min Grade: C] and PUH 202 [Min Grade: C] and PUH 220 [Min Grade: C] and PUH 302 [Min Grade: C]

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