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STH 301. Statistics and Design Overview. 3 Hours.

Spring semester of sophomore year. Introduction to statistics and research design. Covers basics of experimental design and statistical decision theory; indices of central tendency, variability, and association; graphical data presentation; and statistical inference.

Department of Anthropology

...a minor. Options Selection 1 STH students can substitute STH 301 for one of the...

Department of Mechanical Engineering

...MA 445 Complex Analysis MA 453 Transforms STH 301 Statistics and Design Overview AST 101...

Science and Technology Honors Program

The Science and Technology Honors Program at UAB revolutionizes the undergraduate experience. Acceptance to the program places students in the company of fellow scholars and world-renowned researchers. Science and Technology Honors (STH) students take part in unique academic and research experiences specifically designed to give them a head start on a scientific or technical career.


...and Medical Research Design PUH 250 Biostatistics STH 301 Statistics and Design Overview PY 216...