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SW 616. Evidence-informed Interventions in Health and Behavioral Health II (Groups, Organizations, Comm). 3 Hours.

The purpose of this course is to train students on providing evidence-based interventions for adults addressing health and behavioral health conditions. Students will be trained in skills in identifying appropriate evidence-based practices, then translating and implementing these practices at appropriate individual, group, family, organization and community levels. Identifying appropriate evidence-based practices will include the ability to ask answerable questions, identify relevant available material, assess the evidence-supporting material, and make evidence-driven decisions based on available information. Translating and implementing practices includes awareness of individual-level information as well as available resources in the various practice settings. In translating and implementing practices, particular attention is paid to diversity and culture, including race, ethnicity and culture, gender, sexual orientation, age and family structure. Students will receive information and training relative to advanced intervention processes, including engagement, assessment, conducting the specific intervention and evaluation. This course will focus primarily on chronic conditions, often with onset in early adulthood (e.g., severe mental illness, substance use disorders, diabetes, HIV) and severe health conditions (e.g., cancer). As part of training in the evidence-based intervention process, students will learn about practice ethics related to working with adults, specifically concentrating on ethics related to older populations (e.g., mandated reporting of abuse). The course will pay considerable attention to interventions with older populations including illnesses associated with aging populations (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease) and those associated with normative aging processes (e.g., mourning).

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