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SW 653. Social Work Practice along the HIV Continuum of Care. 3 Hours.

This course is designed to examine the field of HIV/AIDS and will acquaint students with the basic and most advanced facts about HIV/AIDS. It will take different approaches of the impact of HIV infection and AIDS on the individual, family, society, and institutions that provide care and will sensitize students to the challenges that HIV/AIDS has generated in public health, social policy, and social service delivery. The course is especially framed by the HIV Continuum of Care which illustrates related social work HIV practice from prevention and testing to linkage to primary medical care, retention in care, and viral suppression. Social work students will have an opportunity to explore their own beliefs, values and approaches to the issues regarding HIV/AIDS, in addition to the cultural, political, social, legal, ethical, spiritual, and public health issues and the perspectives of people living with HIV infection and AIDS that are needed to inform practice and policy.

Social Work

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