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SW 695. Field Practicum Seminar IV. 1 Hour.

SW 692 Field Practicum (7 hours) and Seminar IV (1 hour) is the last experience of a 1080-hour field practicum experience over three semesters in an approved social service agencies under the supervision of an MSW with three or more years of experience. Each field practicum experience will include a concurrent integrative seminar/lab. The course also provides the opportunity for students to examine the principles of social work practice and to develop critical thinking skills. The practicum experience provides the opportunity for social work majors to strengthen and augment knowledge, values and skill bases acquired in the classroom through applying evidence-based theory and other theory-based methods to situations found in actual professional practice. This course has a weekly one-hour seminar/lab. Students will participate in activities in approved agencies that will allow them to develop advanced generalist practice skills with populations coping with health and behavior health issues. As students progress through Practicum II-IV, they will be expected to function at increasing levels of difficulty, independence, autonomy, initiative, resourcefulness and diligence in the performance of assigned tasks. Students will demonstrate knowledge in evidence-based interventions for individuals addressing health and behavioral health conditions and apply that knowledge in conducting interviews and assessments, development of treatment plans, and evaluating their practice. Students will manage personal and professional values and use their understanding of human behavior and diversity to advocate for clients at all systems levels. Course assignments are designed to encourage students to utilize critical thinking to analyze data and formulate plans that will improve practice, policy and service delivery. Seminar/lab sessions will utilize lectures, focused discussion questions and interactive activities to help students integrate classroom knowledge and practice experience.

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