UAB Sustainability

UAB Sustainability understands that our future belongs to the present. We focus on sustainability and the triple bottom line theory to empower our leaders to make data-driven decisions. We partner across our institution to ensure the decisions we make now will have a positive impact on the quality of life of the UAB community for generations to come.

UAB has a special responsibility to act as a driver of sustainable solutions in our region and beyond. Our urban campus is a living laboratory, because of its:

more than 200 classroom, office, research, and hospital buildings,

space occupying more than 100 city blocks,

role as one of the top employers in the region,

role as the largest electricity user in the state, and

responsibility as the single-biggest contributor to Birmingham’s economy

Sustainability Courses at UAB

UAB’s expanding undergraduate sustainability curriculum engages academic disciplines and multidisciplinary programs to prepare our students to become environmentally and socially responsible global citizens. Each term UAB offers courses with content related to sustainability, 


ANTH 104 Introduction to Peace Studies (3 s.h.)

ANTH 351 Anthropology of Human Rights (3 s.h.)

ANTH 483 Intern in Peace, Justice and Environmental Study (1-3 s.h.)

ANTH 504 Human Rights, Peace, and Justice (3 s.h.)

ANTH 652 Sustainable Peace Seminar (3 s.h.)


BY 108 Human Population and the Earth's Environment (3 s.h.)

BY 109 Laboratory in Environmental Science (1 s.h.)

BY 124 Introductory Biology II (4 s.h.)

BY 255 Invertebrate Zoology (4 s.h.)


HY 439 American Environmental History (3 s.h.)

Political Science & Public Administration

PSC 103 Foundations of International Relations (3 s.h.)

PSC 361 North/South International Relations (3 s.h.)

Civil Engineering

CESC 602 Introduction to Sustainable Smart Cities (3 s.h.)

CESC 608 Green Infrastructure and Transportation (3 s.h.)

CESC 610 Health and Liveability (3 s.h.)

CESC 616 Big Data and Smart Cities (3 s.h.)

Science & Technology Honors

STH 199 Introduction to the Scientific Process (3 s.h.)

Public Health

ENH 615 Environmental Justice and Ethics (3 s.h.)

ENH 660 Fundamentals of Air and Water Pollution (3 s.h.)