Catalog Disclaimer

Although this catalog intends to reflect current policies or rules of The Board of Trustees of The University of Alabama System referred to or incorporated herein, students are cautioned that changes or additions to such policies or rules may have become effective since the publication of this material. In the event of such a conflict, the current statements of The Board policy contained in the official minutes and manual of rules, bylaws, and guidelines shall prevail. Thus, the provisions of this catalog are not to be regarded as a contract between The Board of Trustees of The University of Alabama System, The University of Alabama at Birmingham (or any of its colleges or schools) and the student. The University reserves the right to make changes as required in course offerings, curricula, academic policies, and other rules and regulations affecting students, these changes to be effective when determined by the appropriate authority within the University. These changes will govern current and formerly enrolled students, unless noted otherwise. Registration of all students is accepted subject to these conditions.

The Undergraduate Catalog is produced by the Office of the Registrar.