Coordinated PhD in Sociology (HSOC) and MPH Program

Coordinated Master in Public Health / Sociology (MPH/PhD) Program

This dual degree program is offered in cooperation with the UAB Departments of Psychology and Sociology; and the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa) Department of Psychology.  This program enables students to obtain an MPH degree in Health Behavior simultaneously with a PhD in Sociology.   This program of study prepares graduates to participate in the development, implementation, and evaluation of innovative health promotion and disease prevention programs and policies.  This dual degree program builds on the synergy generated through two complementary curriculum tracks.


The MPH degree requires a minimum of 43 credit hours depending on the PhD concentration. Because this is a coordinated dual degree track, graduation from the MPH program is contingent on completion of all requirements for graduation from the PhD program. If a coordinated degree student drops out of the PhD program, he/she must apply for transfer to the MPH Health Behavior track and follow the requirements for that program.

MPH Core Requirements (19 hours):
SOC 703Regression Analysis3
ENH 600Fundamentals of Environmental Health Science3
EPI 600Introduction to Epidemiology3
HB 600Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health3
Department Track Requirements (12 hours):
HB 624Advanced Social and Behavioral Science Theory3
HB 636Developing Interventions to Promote Public Health3
HB 643Health Program Evaluation3
SOC 705Advanced Research Methods3
Health Behavior/Sociology Electives (9 hours minimum): Two courses can be from Sociology & must be approved as a behavioral science elective9
Total Credit Hours:43