Interim Protective Measures and Support

The University provides a range of support services for survivors of sexual misconduct, including interim measures. Interim measures are available to provide for the safety of the Complainant and the campus community while the University is investigating an allegation of sexual misconduct. Requests for interim measures can be made by or on behalf of the Complainant to the University Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Coordinator will work with the appropriate office(s) to ensure that any necessary interim measures are promptly provided.
The range of Interim Protective Measures includes:   

  • Access to counseling services and assistance in setting up initial appointments, both on and off campus
  • Resources on and off campus for trained advocates who can provide crisis response
  • Imposition of a campus “No-Contact Order”
  • Advocacy support to obtain orders of protection within the criminal justice system
  • Rescheduling of exams and assignments
  • Providing alternative course completion options
  • Change in class schedule, including the ability to drop a course without penalty or to transfer sections
  • Change in work schedule or job assignment
  • Change in student’s campus housing
  • Emergency numbers for on and off campus law enforcement, and how the University can assist in notifying law enforcement if desired
  • Assistance from University support staff in completing housing relocation
  • Limiting access to certain University facilities or activities pending resolution of the matter
  • Voluntary leave of absence
  • University and community sexual assault response resources
  • How to seek care for injuries, STI testing, etc.
  • Importance of and explanation of how to preserve evidence in case the behavior is also a potential criminal act
  • Where to get a rape kit/SANE exam
  • Encouragement of prompt reporting of all crimes to the appropriate law enforcement agency, paired with a commitment from UAB that appropriate support will be offered in every case
  • Providing academic support services, such as tutoring
  • Institutional resources pertaining to visa/immigrant status
  • University-imposed leave, suspension, or separation for the Respondent
  • Any other measure which can be tailored to the involved individuals to achieve the goals of this Policy.

Upon the receipt of a report of sexual misconduct, and until any investigation into the report has been completed, the University will provide reasonable protective measures and interim support to provide a safe educational and work environment and to prevent additional acts of sexual misconduct, even when there is no specific request for protective action.

The University may impose any measure that can be tailored to the parties involved to achieve the goals of this Policy.
An individual’s failure to comply with restrictions imposed by interim measures is a violation of this Policy and a basis for disciplinary action.