Additional Considerations

External Agreements

The University will not recognize or enforce agreements between the parties outside of these procedures. The University will recognize, however, a lawfully issued protective order under Alabama law.


Complainants and Respondents may be accompanied by one adviser throughout the investigation and any hearing process. An adviser is a support person who is present to provide support to a complainant or respondent throughout an investigation and/or hearing. An adviser may not speak, write, or otherwise communicate with an investigator, hearing officer or panel on behalf of the Complainant or Respondent. Advisers who do not abide by these guidelines may be excluded from the process.

Withdrawal and Readmission

If a student voluntarily withdraws from the University while charges against him or her are pending, permission for readmission will be granted only after the charges have been resolved.

Preservation of Records

A confidential record of all complaints, including their disposition, will be maintained by the Title IX Coordinator in accordance with UAB’s document retention policy.

Intersection With Other Procedures

These complaint resolution procedures are the exclusive means of resolving complaints alleging violations of the Title IX Policy. To the extent there are any inconsistencies between these complaint resolution procedures and other University grievance, complaint, or discipline procedures, these complaint resolution procedures will control the resolution of complaints alleging violations of the Title IX Policy.