Masters in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Approved as of June 2024 for addition to Catalog for Heersink School of Medicine

HCI 611Foundations of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine3
HI 620Security and Privacy in Health Care3
AIM 641Technical Introductions to Deep Learning in Medicine3
AIM 642Artificial Intelligence for Medical Imaging3
AIM 643Artificial Intelligence for Biomedical Signals and Critical Care Systems3
AIM 644Reinforcement Learning for Clinical Decision Making3
AIM 645Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Medicine3
HCI 614Integration of Artificial Intelligence into Clinical Workflow3
HCI 613Leadership and Ethics for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine3
Optional Electives (Minimum of 2)
Large Language Model (LLM) Development in Medicine
Explainable AI in Medicine
Neural Time Series Data Analysis
Digital Image Processing
Matrix Algorithms for Data Science
Big Data Programming
Data Visualization
Total Hours27