College of Arts and Sciences

Dean: Dr. Kecia M. Thomas

The College of Arts and Sciences includes departments in the arts, humanities, mathematics, social, behavioral, natural and physical sciences.

The College offers 17 degree programs leading to a master’s degree and 7 programs leading to a doctoral degree. Traditional programs as well as interdisciplinary and graduate level certificate programs help to keep the College on the leading edge of progressive academic offerings. Situated at the center of an internationally renowned research university and academic medical center, students and faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences have unparalleled opportunities to be part of the innovative and ground-breaking research and creative work that is the signature of UAB.

We offer a student-centered, experiential curriculum designed to prepare students not only for the careers and challenges of the 21st century, but also to be the leaders in the global marketplace of ideas. Students within arts and sciences programs develop the ability to understand diverse perspectives making them better prepared to work creatively and productively with others to solve the most important problems of our times.